Thursday, 13 December 2012

Every day's a school day

Today I consciously dressed a bit 'school girl' - the prissy type as opposed to the Britney Spears type, I must add! I rocked a grey tunic dress, checked tights and my new burgundy brogues and I'm sure it gave me a little extra spring in my step. Clothes definitely influence my state of mind. How about you?


I kept my date with Jillian this morning and quite enjoyed it. I always do after a little break, I find. I think I might switch it up a bit with the DVDs/exercise regime soon, though, so let me know if you've got any tips.

Breakfast was 'paleo porridge' made with ground almonds, a banana and coconut milk, topped with fresh raspberries and Peanut Butter and Co Smooth Operator peanut butter. This really filled me up today. Maybe it was the PB, but I didn't think about food until gone 10am (a miracle for me).

Hello, Liquorice! Doing a stirling job, as ever, of keeping my tea hot hot hot. I'm now having three cups in the morning. Not sure if that's normal.

And here's me, just to say hello and prove I do exist and am not some computer programme trying to sell you weird food.

I didn't have meetings for most of the day today, and it was lovely to take it at my own pace and catch up on stuff. I munched on a pear when I finally remembered to eat, and then met my friend BC in the canteen for lunch.
Leftover roast chicken breast with veggies. Very tasty. I like this roasting a chicken in the week thing.

We then went on a very cold but pretty walk and gossiped. I find a good walk 'n bitch is great exercise for the mind, body and soul.

On arriving back at the office I had a bit of a sore throat from all that talk and fresh air, so got to peeling...

I will eat oranges until they go out of season. They are SO good right now and so worth the peeling and juice flying. Plus they make my office smell nice.
The rest of the afternoon was about chocolate consumption:
Lindt milk chocolate truffle.

Hotel Chocolat Grand Marnier cherry. Not fussed on this. In fact, a bit yucky.

Thankfully this Hotel Chocolate Champagne truffle took away the taste. Phew. Chocolate as a palate cleanser.

Between getting home and eating dinner I had about three carrots. Sometimes I can't stop. In between imitating Bugs Bunny, I managed to finish the cleaning for the week.

Curried fish soup with kale and samphire. Melt a slither of butter and chuck in half an onion. Sautee until golden and add a tsp of curry powder (2 if you're me) and stir for 2 mins. Add 600ml of stock, a portion of white fish (I used frozen cod), a pinch of saffron, a bay leaf, a sprig of thyme and the same of parsley. I also chucked the kale in at this point, brought to a boil and simmered for 10 minutes, adding in the samphire for another 2 minutes.
I eat this soup a lot, but it was extra tasty today, and I realised it was down to the leftover chicken juices and vegetable water that I used as stock. A nutrional powerhouse my friends!

And with that I'm going to have an apple and get cosy.
Question of the day: What item of clothing always makes you feel extra good?
The dress I wore to work today always makes me feel 'together' and smart.


  1. Your paleo porridge looks good...nice when something keeps you full for so long in the morning!

    1. It's a rare thing for me. I'm always hungry come 10am!