Saturday, 22 December 2012

Do they know it's Christmas?

The weather Gods, that is. 'Cos this perpetual rain ain't putting me in the festive mood over here! Well, my mulled wine hangover may also have dulled the cheer somewhat today...

And yesterday started so well!


Yes, I spent the morning at work playing Christmas Angel, handing out Buck's Fizz and sparkling rose to people. It was lovely! Red lipstick and a jaunty neck scarf complemented my effervescent mood, although I was soon bought back to my desk with a bump when I got pinged a very tight deadline from out of nowhere. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted!

The day had started with no Jillian after a late night - this week's ended up being a bit of a write-off when it comes to exercise, but something had to give and I was unapologetic. I then tucked in to this week's most featured breakfast, ground almond porridge with raspberries and peanut butter, but with a fun Friday twist - a drizzle of melted Lindt 85% dark chocolate that I'd been dipping home made peppermint creams in to. Oh yes, you can tell it's Christmas!
Golden Delicious apple with Nars lipstick pencil in Dragon Girl. I'd managed to resist all the goodies on our festive trolley for over an hour. My halo was definitely intact... at this point, anyway!

Curried fish salad overflowed with goodness. My crunching drew comments. I'm not sorry.


We had to hightail it out of work at 3:30pm for a festive charity event down by the seafront near my house. It was cold and dark (thankfully, not raining) but we were doing our bit to help people remember their lost loved ones, so that kept us going. That and the thought of mulled wine and other goodies awaiting us back at my place...
Note to self: mulled wine was not made to get drunk on. Thought I learned this lesson two years ago on Christmas Eve. Not so. Not so. Despite eating a second helping of lastnight's fish soup and a number of crisps with salsa, jumbo cashews and peppermint creams, I awoke feeling very jaded today.
I also woke up craving eggs, but sadly had none in. So, it was ground almond porridge with blueberries and Peanut Butter and Co The Bee's Knees. It was a worthy substitute.

I really felt like curling up on the sofa in a sad little ball of self-pity, but I knew exercise would make me feel better, so I put on Jillian Michaels' Banish Fat Boost Metabolism and got my sweat on for 40 minutes. It was the right thing to do. Although not cured, the road to recovery was stepped upon. After Jill I quickly downed some hot lemon and honey, a few almonds, and a carrot with left over hot salsa.
The day continued to look up, although the rain didn't let up, and my friend BC came over for lunch. I'd promised her prawn laksa, and I like to keep my promises. BC is off to Australia for a month on Wednesday, so we needed some quality time.

With quality chocolate - Green and Blacks Dark Chocolate Hazelnut and Currant, in my case. Under a fleecy blanket. I'll miss you, BC!

The boy and I then headed out for provisions to last the next few days and complement his haul from the butcher. We're catering for his family on Boxing Day, so needed stuff for that, too, and decided to get it done and dusted now, so we can focus on relaxation for the next few days. I'm glad we did.
A second mortgage later, I cooked up grilled Cumberland sausages, boiled carrot and asparagus (surprisingly good for out of season) and a microwaved sweet potato. I was being lazy and couldn't be bothered to mash. I just needed the food asap! Hangover demanded it!

And now it's time to snuggle and struggle to find something decent to watch on TV. And eat a bit more... Well, we're all stocked up now!
Question of the Day: Have you done your Christmas food shopping yet?
We're at my Mum's on the day, but now sorted for the lead up and day after, too. Phew!

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