Sunday, 2 December 2012

Bright and breezy weekend

Hello, lovelies, how do I find you this crisp December eve? The countdown to Christmas has officially begun and has been marked here by eating my first advent calendar Lindt treat. I've realised I made a bit of a rookie mistake in dividing up the treats, though. I chose to have treats on odd days because I wanted to open it on 1st December... but I realised today it means Andy gets the extra big Santa chocolate on Christmas Eve. Dammit!

I've had myself a nice little weekend. Fairly relaxed, although I do feel quite worn out from lastnight's antics. More on that later...

I started Saturday right with Paleo porridge plus blueberries and plain peanut butter before doing a 40 minute Jill session. I then had to hop to getting ready as I was meeting my friend for coffee at 12pm and wanted to walk there as it was a gorgeous sunny day. A redbush tea with almond milk and apple fortified me for the journey.

On the way back I took the scenic route along the seafront. A good 40 minute walk each way plus the life-affirming gorgeousness of the seaside and fresh air. Good exercise.

I got back quite late in the afternoon so whipped up a quick lunch to tide me over - kale and two-egg scramble.

Followed by the obligatory crunch crunch.

It was time to reprise the peppermint creams to take with me to my friend's later for a girl's night in. They were a bit soft, but tasted great. I had to try three, just to make sure. I added a couple of drops of peppermint essence to the leftover Lindt 90% dark chocolate and let it harden up in the fridge.

Quick tummy-liner dinner of grilled fish, roasted sweet potato and steamed kale. Simple and efficient. I had a few extra pieces of sweet potato left and had them with peanut butter, something I'd seen on Carrots and Cake. Very yummy new snack alert.

My friend laid on a lovely spread and I indulged in salami, chicken bites, pistachios, stuffed peppers and prawn lollipops, among other things! We also had Chambord and Prosecco. Lots of Prosecco. And then danced around the lounge to Kanye West and Jay-Z and Arctic Monkeys to burn it off. Perfect!

The least I could do this morning was make my hostess breakfast. Another steal from Tina at Carrots and Cake - the 'two ingredient pancake'. Blend up a banana and an egg, pour into a hot frying pan and then heat gently until the underside starts to brown. Carefully flip over and cook evenly. Result? Light, fluffy banana-flavoured pancake, no wheat required. It does break up easily, and I've had lots of failed attempts that still taste good but look awful. Take your time and treat it gentle. Huge blueberries on the side and a cuppa and chat with BC. Good breakfast times.

I had another 12pm rendezvous today, this time with my sweetheart to head off for some Christmas shopping. I hadn't seen him since Thursday morning! We went in Cath Kidston. I wanted everything, especially this:

Quick bench lunch to help ease my hangover hunger. 4 bottles of Prosecco, 3 girls, you do the maths.

We then went to see my wonderful Mummy and her boyf and I snaffled some ham, a roast potato and some veg to tide me over. Is it just me, or is the first thing you do when you get to your parents' house opening the fridge? The fact that my Mum has a brand new kitchen/diner made it even more fun! I was sad to leave - we're all so busy at the moment I just don't see her enough. Love you, Mummy.
Back home I consoled myself with my reindeer while our M&S meal deal chicken roasted in the oven.
We got a roasted veggie side and we've got leftovers for lunch. Winner.

Time to drink more water, eat our fresh fruit pudding from M&S and maybe some of my chocolate concoction, and wait for Homeland.

Question of the Day: How often do you see your parents?

My Mum lives 30 minutes away and I probably get over once a fortnight. Not enough! My Dad lives in Greece, so twice a year.

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