Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Witness the fitness

Okay, I'm not quite Madonna, but I was proud of my step count yesterday!

Best of all, I balanced it out with a glass of red wine and polishing off the Lindt Coconut Intense... and a bit of Dark Chocolate Dreams Peanut Butter thrown in for good measure. The perfect balance! Told you it was a hungry day.

In case you're wondering, 16000 steps is equivalent to about 8 miles. We should all aim for 10000 a day to maintain good health. Much easier said than done.
Just to prove that I don't bound out of bed in eager anticipation to do Jillian every morning, here's the reality:
Yep, it's mainly bleary-eyed stumbling, but it means I can drink wine.
Breakfast today was a really tasty two-egg omelette with a banana and some blueberries. I've also shown you the teapot that lives under Liquorice. I know my tea drinking regime looks pretentious, but it's more about the ritual for me. Making a pot of tea makes me take time over the 'ceremony' of it in the morning. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day.

It was a busy one at work today, so luckily I had plenty of healthy fuel to keep me going, cue morning apple, redbush tea and mackerel salad. That lunch does NOT get old.

Nom! I then went out for a walk. It was a GLORIOUS day, really mild and sunny and I didn't want to go back in to my four hours solid of meetings. Mrs Duck even tried to block me from going back. How lucky are we to have this on our doorstep at work? I would go mad without a bit of nature to escape to. The local Tesco just doesn't cut it!
Back to reality, I rattled through the afternoon and made room for a little snack, NOT an orange today! Nope, just for you, I got some plums out...

And then it was home where I finished up the week's cleaning - SUCH a nice feeling to have it done before the weekend. The boy gets extra brownie points today. Not only did he help with the hoovering, he also presented me with these on his arrival:

The white flower isn't a rose, it's one of those cabbage flowers! So pretty and autumnal. The least I could do was make him a yummy tea.
Tonight's was very quick and simple - frozen smoked salmon fillets heated in the microwave while I made a kale salad we both like a lot. It's called Luann's Kale Salad and you'll find it on Iowa Girl Eats' blog. It has kale, walnuts, dried cranberries, an apple and red onion in it and is drizzled in olive oil and red wine vinegar. A must try.
I see an apple, some redbush tea and maybe a teensy bit of dark chocolate in my future...
Question of the day: How was your day?

My day at work was a bit manic but rewarding in the end.


  1. Ducks at lunchtime. I read the Daily Mail online. In the very true sense of the word, you've inspired me to get out more!