Thursday, 8 November 2012

Turkish Delight

I know I know, such an obvious title, but I just HAD to go there. Couldn't help it! Yes, I dragged my sorry tush to the Turkish and had a jolly nice time. No pics I'm afraid, it was rather dark in there... (and I'm still being a rubbish blogger!) but we had an assortment of very tasty dips and bread (minus the bread pour moi) which I followed with baked aubergine stuffed with minced lamb and vegetables, with a tasty side salad. Amaze! Despite avoiding the rice (yes, also banned by the Paleo police!) I actually felt stuffed! The puns just keep coming! We then went on for 'one', which actually turned out to be just that as it was a school night and all, and I had a sneaky and very yummy Baileys on ice, which went down a treat. I was really flagging by that point but really glad I went. Very sad to see my colleague Paul go... We miss you already!

So, despite a late night, as you can probably tell I'm feeling a bit more chipper today. I sound bad, though, which is good for the sympathy vote! Today at work was pretty okay, although I was worn out by the end. But let's re-re-wind to brekker. I mixed it up for y'all today with a bit of microwaved scrambled egg (2 eggs, almond milk) with a banana and blackberries and three cups of tea with almond milk. I needed an extra boost!

Morning snack was a teeny Cox apple and some lemon and ginger tea. Lunch was a team affair in the canteen. Here's one I prepared earlier...

Same salad ingredients as yesterday, but going a bit cray and having king prawns instead. Oh yeah.

I then went for a little stroll. We're lucky enough to have some decent places to walk near work, and I often take a turn with friends or the boy, but today was just me. The weather was gorgeous - perfect autumn day. Sadly I left my phone indoors, but did grab some interior photos as proof! There hasn't been alot of exercising going on this week due to the cold, but it is usually a big part of my day, and I particularly like to get a walk in when I can. I have to get out at some point in the day and just breathe and look at the trees and ducks and get a bit of perspective!

Afternoon snacks were an orange (vitamins)...

... and a rhubarb and custard Nakd bar. Oh Nakd bars, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways! You have no hydrogenated sugary crap in you, you're Paleo-friendly and come in amazing flavours. Seriously, it tastes exactly like what it's called. If you haven't tried one, even my local Co-op sells them now. No excuses. Go. Now.


Okay, now you're back, and have stopped giggling at Owl and Troll (both essential to my daily wellbeing), I also managed to fit in a bit of work between eating and exercise, which is always good.

On the menu tonight is a Jamie Oliver salmon recipe with purple sprouting brocolli and some samphire, which I adore and always buy if I see it. It's a kind of seaside vegetable if you've not heard of it, with a sweet and salty crunch. Delicious with any seafood. Or steak for that matter. Speaking of which, better start making it... I'll let you know how it tasted tomorrow!

Have a good evening lovelies.

Question of the day: What's your favourite vegetable?  Mine is definitely carrots. Just snacked on one now... LOVE that crunch.

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