Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Tired out Tuesday

Another day moping around the house feeling blah... Somewhat relieved by the arrival of my new vinyl flooring! Yes, that may sound tragic, but, as those who've been on 'the journey' of my kitchen with me know, this is progress!  Nearly there now. Just electrics and painting to do.


Other than that I've been rediscovering The Hills (from when there were people in it you still recognised. And when you still recognised Heidi's face). 

So, I couldn't get my breakfast on until the nice Tesco man delivered my food! Being housebound, I decided to get them to come to me. Once he arrived I could tuck in to almond flour porridge with banana, coconut milk and blackberries. Nom! Sorry, no pics, it was desperate times.  I did, however, document my morning tea ritual. Say hello to Liquorice!  You'll be seeing alot of her...

Later I snacked on an apple and a carrot, as evidenced here...

After a little walk to see if some fresh air would help (it didn't) I cracked out a frozen smoked salmon fillet. Sounds bad, but they're really tasty and so handy to have on standby. Plus, having a freezer is still a novelty to me, as I didn't have one in my last place. I rustled up some spinach, carrot, beetroot, mange tout, cucumber and cherry tomatoes and smothered it in olive oil, balsamic vinegar and mixed herbs. Yum. Sorry, I totally forgot to take a picture! I'll get used to this blogging lark soon, promise. It looked amazing, anyway. To make up for no pic, I DID photograph my favourite peanut butter, which I had a teaspoon (or two) of after I ate an orange. Just showing off my vintage scales!

After that little walk that I thought might perk me up, but just wore me out :S I gave in and snoozed to various house-buying programmes on afternoon tv.

Okay, I'm getting bored of this illness thing now. Enough! I NEED to be well enough for my colleague's leaving dinner at my favourite Turkish restaurant tomorrow! So, have dosed up on another bowl of the luridly green Green Thai chicken soup from yesterday, along with some hot lemon with honey and another thousand cups of redbush with almond milk.  Now for a night in front of the telly/on the iPad trying to find a position where I don't feel achy all over. And maybe a square or two of Lindt to cheer me up. Help me here!

Question: What cold/flu remedies do you recommend?

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