Thursday, 22 November 2012

Time for a quickie?

Another on the road blog. I've been to a wonderful charity conference today and just got on the coach home. So, pictures will all be random at the end, as is the wont of the blog app...

Lastnight I had a lovely dinner with my friend who bought over lots of treats - flowers, wine and posh chocolate. She
totally knows the way in to my heart and my kitchen!

It ended up being a lateish night and the red wine gave me a heavy head and some weird dreams! But, knowing I'd be indoors all day at the conference coaxed me out of bed to face Jill. The reward? Omelette with blueberries, strawberries (frozen) and banana topped with cinnamon.

Eats were left in the lap of the conference gods. The morning got off to a great start with bowls of fresh fruit, but the offerings got browner and beiger as the day went on (read carbs, carbs and more carbs). I had chicken and marinated veggies for lunch and root vegetable broth and sausage for dinner. I also snacked on a tiny apple and a Pecan Pie Nakd bar I'd bought from home as I knew healthy options would be limited. I had a glass of sparkling wine, too.

And now home to my lovely boy, a cuppa and some chocolate to celebrate my win for volunteering :) Normal blog service resumes tomorrow, kids.

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