Sunday, 25 November 2012


That's right, people, it may be the day of rest, but we've been taking care of some business up in here today! Well, we cleared out the cupboard under the stairs and put some stuff in the attic... not to be sniffed at, though, as it's another new house job crossed off the list and another step closer to it all being done (I know, I know, house stuff is never done, but let me dream...).
As I generally blog post-dinner but pre-chill time, I usually miss out my extra-curricular snacks. So, in the spirit of giving you a full account: I finished off the veggies lastnight from dinner. 
Then we opened up the Montezumas Chilli Dark Chocolate and Lindt Mint Intense. Thank goodness it's all gone now. Phew! I didn't add any to the order for food this week as my evening chocolate habit is becoming less of a treat and more of a, well, habit! Hmm, I've been down this road before. So, if I want chocolate, I can have it, but I'll need to make a trip to the shops, not the five feet to the fridge. Sigh.

I also ate a spoon of Dark Chocolate Dreams Peanut Butter lastnight which meant... I could have 'Oats in a Jar Minus the Oats' for breakfast. Perfect Sunday treat! So, I just microwaved a chopped banana, 30g of ground almonds and some Alpro almond milk for two and a half minutes and poured it in the nearly-empty jar and topped it with fresh raspberries, desiccated coconut and cinnamon.

Raspberries and dark chocolate are a time-honoured combination, and for good reason. Bye bye Dark Chocolate Dreams, until I see you again in Whole Foods.
I pottered about for the rest of the morning, and admired my new bauble, which was a belated birthday present from my lovely friends we visited yesterday.

Snack time soon arrived, so I used up the last of the fruit and had a cup of redbush and almond milk. It'd been sunny all morning and we planned a long walk, but it started to rain again. That was when I seized the chance to sort the cupboard and send the poor boy up in the loft!

It started to look a bit more promising outside, and I was determined to get in my exercise fix, especially after spending four hours in a car yesterday. So out we trotted. Good job we took waterproof coats!

Four consistently soggy miles later, we peeled our jeans off and got back to relaxing!
  It feels even better when you've 'earned' it.

We were hungry by now, so I snacked on a Cox apple and then fried up a ready-mix Chinese stir-fry pack and whacked an egg in (wished I'd added two after). That satisfied my vegetable craving. I do love da crunch.

Later on I had a chocolate orange Nakd bar and numerous cups of redbush. Comfort drinking/eating on this misery of a day. There followed a few hours of catching up on yesterday's paper with the drone of the Grand Prix in the background.

New recipe alert for dinner! I wasn't in the mood to cook a roast, so yesterday we decided on a casserole, and I found this recipe on It was gorgeous - full of depth of flavour, but without being too rich or heavy. And, Paleo-friendly.

I didn't have any homemade chicken broth, but I had saved the water from boiling the veggies lastnight, so used that instead. I always try and save the boiling water for gravy/stock as it keeps all of those lovely vitamins in and is so much better for you than salt-filled ready-made stock.

This one's going on the rotation.

Not long until Homeland, then Peep Show is back! I love it but Andy's never seen it, so I'll be interested to see what he thinks. Enjoy what's left of the weekend, Lovelies.
Question of the day: What are your plans for the weekend? Started your Christmas shopping yet?
The week ahead holds working from home tomorrow, a trip to London for a drinks reception (makes me sound so posh!) and some more Christmas shopping (I started today, online). It's going to be a good one, I think. 


  1. I haven't even started or thought about my Christmas shoppnig yet! Ugh. So not ready for it. Hope you got a lot done online!

    1. I was only prompted because an online retailer I really like sent me an email saying they were doing free post and packaging, ending yesterday! They know how to hook you in... I managed to get three presents. Just making a start on it makes you feel better, and gets the ball rolling at least!