Monday, 19 November 2012

Super sweet Sunday

Monday is almost out of the way (good thing), but I'm not ready to move on just yet. Let's take a trip down memory lane and relive my Sunday eats. After a brisk walk across Tower Bridge in the beautiful sunshine, we made our way to Wholefoods. Now, I'm not going to lie, I was a little dissapointed. Disney World turned out to be a bit more like the local fun fair. But on a good day. There were no hot breakfast bar or almond milk lattes, so I consoled myself with a Saf flapjack with apple, almond, raisins, dates, cinnamon, coconut and oats and a tea with soya milk while we pondered our next move.

Initial sulk over, I went to check the shop out and see if anything could tempt me, then went back for round two, determined to make the best of it! I had smoothie number 3 from the list below. It was like breakfast in a plastic cup. So good.

And these kale chips which were such a revelation, The Boy was Googling how to dehydrate kale!

We met a friend for coffee and then scooted off to the train, but not before I'd stocked up on some berry and raw chocolate bars, canned pumpkin and a fabulous looking raw chocolate and brazil nut spread. In the end, Wholefoods came through. It wasn't long before I broke into a Beond bar on the train. It was good, but no better than a Nakd.
We had a leisurely train ride back down South (except the bit where we realised we were sat in the wrong bit and had to hotfoot it to the back!) and I enjoyed the chance to actually read the weekend papers on the weekend rather than desperately trying to catch up all week before the next lot come out!
We had approximately four minutes at home before we left for Sunday dinner at my friend's place, laden with wine, coffee and our homemade peppermint creams. These were divine. I used a Lorraine Pascale recipe and it was sooooooo easy. Make them NOW! However, we definitely did not need two 100 gram bars of chocolate to dip in, so stuck it back in the fridge and now have a slab in there sprinkled with sugar decorations. And I'm alone tonight. Bad times.

My friend made a wonderful roast dinner, and my other friend bought her fabulously crunchy apple crumble, which was even better than the last time I had it. The meal was rounded off with our posh coffee, some very tasty port (sophisticated, ain't we!) and those peppermint creams. There's one left in my fridge. It winked at me earlier, I swear.
This morning I couldn't wait to crack open the pumpkin and try this recipe. It was good, but I tried to be clever and didn't mash the banana as instructed. I needed to. I'm going to try again tomorrow and put less pumpkin and milk in and, yes, mash the 'nana.

And, off to work. Morning snack:

Lunch was out with a friend, and I forgot to snap it. It was a beef salad with horseradish, lettuce, rocket, pepper, sundried tomato, tomatoes, cucumber, marinated pepper and grated carrot. It was okay but not a patch on homemade and set me back almost a fiver.
Afternoon snacks were an apple and another snack bar from Disney World. Now, this one was GOOD. Like a chocolate brownie. I'm planning my next trip already.
I had a successful supermarket trip after work and managed to spend a fair bit less than usual, which was nice. Mainly healthy fare, except for the hugeass box of icing sugar in the front for making more peppermint creams!

I needed pak choy for my dinner, but they had none in, so I picked up this Cavolo Nero cabbage which was on offer at 59p. It looked so green and full of goodness. Dinner tonight was a staple of mine, Ginger Broth with Salmon and Pak Choy. I cooked up all of the cabbage and will include a bit in my lunch, which will consist of the other bit of salmon I shoved in the pan and some salad.

Dinner was good good good. Plus I've cleaned the bathroom and I am done with the chores. Time to watch Stephen Fry, read my favourite blogs and then watch my guilty pleasure, Girls. Monday? Done.

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