Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Stress-free Christmas Shopping...

...it's not an oxymoron, honest. Forget Cyber Monday, why not try 'bit of shopping, dinner and a glass of wine Tuesday'? Far more civilised and fun, especially with one of my favourite girls!

In the interests of chronology, though, I'm going to start where I left you lastnight. After dinner I vegged out and had a spoonful of Mighty Maple Peanut Butter (the last spoon of the tub...) to satisfy my sweet tooth. I also had an apple and a redbush tea with almond milk. I watched Girls, which I'm really enjoying. Anyone else into it? Very rude but very funny.

So, we all know what an empty jar of PB means around here... I know I've had a lot of empties in the past week or so. It's because I bought them at the same time in the States back in February and now, sadly, the holiday romance is over. But not before one last fling for old times' sake...

Hello Oats in a Jar Minus the Oats but plus prunes, raspberries, ground almonds and desiccated coconut. Phew! I also got my Jill on this morning. I was a bit concerned about my sore back but it did no harm and I'm actually feeling a lot better now.

Work rocked around soon enough. For some reason I forgot to photograph my snacks today, so *insert picture of tiny Cox apple here*
Lunch was ze gorgeous mackerel salad of many days gone by. I realised a bit too late that eating this while wearing a silky blouse probably wasn't the best idea... I'm a messy eater - always in a rush to get food into my mouth and hang the consequences. When it comes to food and fashion, food will always win. 

The same issue arose with my unpictured orange later in the afternoon, but I managed to minimise sprayage and fashion a sort of kitchen roll bib. Yes, this is how I behave at work. Sorry, Mum.
Note to self - must consider food/fashion strategy at start of day. Noted.
On to the more successful part of my day - dinner and shopping! I'm not much of a shopper (apart from the supermarket, obvs) so try to minimise the pain. Hence, choosing a quiet Tuesday evening and easing the pain with a nice dinner at Strada, an Italian chain where the food doesn't taste like chain food which had 20% off of your total bill.

Five presents bought.

One glass of wine sipped - Verdicchio Dei Castelli Di Jesi Doc. Very nice although not sure I could taste the 'almonds and hazelnuts'!

A squillion hige, juicy prawns slathered in garlic, white wine, red chilli butter and parsley (yep, still wearing that blouse!). I skipped the ciabatta and had a side of 'crunchy' (though it was a little soggy) brocolli with chilli butter. I did ask if I could swap the bread for the brocolli but they said no, so the brocolli cost extra. Pretty much sums up what's wrong with places like this - fill up all you like on the bread, but you ain't getting five bits of brocolli for free. Grrr. However, it was a good meal and we had a lovely evening.
But, I've saved the best until last...
... a Christmas dream come true - portion-controlled, quality chocolate for December. Is it me or is it suddenly feeling Christmassy up in here?!
Question of the day: Do you like to have an advent calendar?
I'm not usually bothered and I hate the cheap nasty chocolate you get in most... but, for some reason I wanted one this year and am soooo happy I found this Lindt one!

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