Monday, 5 November 2012

Starting over

So, it's been more than a little while... What was I doing and what's bought me back?

Well, a day off sick, bored, trawling through my favourite blogs (that just can't seem to post quick enough!) has made me realise that maybe I should channel my energies into my own blog.

Will it last? Who knows. But, it's worth a try.

So, quick recap on the last 28 months:
  • I ran the Great South Run (10 miler) in 1:38, gave up running a few months later and discovered Jillian Michaels
  • I've been to Greece (numerous times!), Sicily, Ireland, New York, Florida and Belgium
  • I've moved three times and bought my first home
  • I got a new job at my company
  • I met a lovely man
  • I managed to maintain my weight through numerous different versions of trial and error... More on this later
So, things have been fun, busy and stressful at times. I have no doubt my current illness is the culmination of moving, being busy at work and trying to keep up with friends and family. My body has called time out today, and I finally listened.

So, that diet. I tried intuitive eating. I loved it. I also gained 7lbs gradually over a number of months and felt uncomfortable in my clothes, despite exercising. So, I signed up to myfitnesspal and counted calories. That worked. Very well. But, it also took me back to my Weight Watchers days of counting points, and that binge mentality when I went over my points/calories/insert diet rule here.

In May this year I had a fabulous weekend with friends at the races and totally gorged on champagne, cakes and anything else that floated past. Good times. After this I decided a little detox was in order, so, I started to follow a plan I'd seen in a magazine - the Paleo diet. No counting, I lost weight and I didn't crave all the things I had to give up - grains, sugar, processed food, dairy... The list goes on and you can find out much more here. I lost weight and felt good!  And even got away with still drinking!

End of story right?  Well, no. As usual life has got in the way of my quest for perfectionism and the last few weeks of stress have made it hard to stick to. So now I'm trying to work out how I can:
  • Stay slim
  • Enjoy healthy food
  • Stick to a budget (house-buying ain't cheap. Bye bye savings!)
  • Keep exercising 
  • Have the odd treat without feeling guilty and without it triggering a binge
And that's why I've started the blog again.  So you can laugh along as I try to figure this all out!

PS Sorry, photos to come once I work out how! 

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