Saturday, 24 November 2012

Rainy day road trip

Phew, we're safely tucked up inside and about to begin our mini Take Me Out marathon, but not before I fill you in on the events of this rain-drenched Saturday.

After a nice little lie-in, I rolled out of bed and thought about the most important meal of the day.

Peanut butter was on the agenda today, but which one? Mighty Maple called out to me and I was very excited to see that the jar was almost empty... but, not quite empty enough for me to make oats in a jar minus the oats. Next time, next time! So, I added a dollop to my ground almond, banana and coconut porridge. Dreamy. I then hung out for an hour on the interwebs, did my online grocery shop and waited until I felt ready to tackle Jillian's Six Week Six Pack.

Workouts make me even hungrier than usual, so I fancied an apple straight after. There it is, on the sideboard... Oh, did you happen to notice the new armchair my Mum gave me? It must have slipped in to the picture. LOVE IT! My dining room gets the sun all afternoon, so this will be a perfect nook to curl up in with a book on sunny days.

I then got ready and did a bit of indoor pruning while waiting for the boy to pick me up and drive us to see some very dear friends and their gorgeous baby boy. The drive takes a couple of hours, so we made a pit stop for lunch, where I also used a voucher I had to buy a Christmas wreath for my door! No big reveal just yet, though... Not until December for me, although I've already seen lots of decorations up out and about.
I bought this (not tiny) Braeburn apple which was SO tasty - crisp and sweet and fresh. Mmm mmm.

I had a pre-packed tuna nicoise salad, which was okay, but a lot more salad leaves than anything else. Still, it was fresh and Paleo friendly, if you skipped the dressing.

And then we got these highly addictive babies out. Not everywhere has them - we found them in the World Food aisle in Tesco. It's just plantains and vegetable oil and so tasty... we both had a whole, quite large packet to ourselves. Luckily they tided me over until dinner!

After a lovely few hours with my friends, we had to hit the road again and head back in the dark gloom after being in their cosy, cheerful house. Boo! Meal planning for tomorrow kept me occupied, though...

Check out my new toy! It's actually a salt and pepper pot, a belated birthday present and so thoughtful as I love these little dolls (you may have noticed the one on my desk at work) and, of course I love my food. The perfect combination. Thank you Lizzie, Paul and William!

Dinner was quick and easy. We each selected what fish we fancied from the fish counter - I went for plaice, Andy plumped for monkfish. I whacked them in the oven in their 'bake-in bags' and boiled up some kale and green beans. I also baked some sweet potato for the boy, but I still felt stuffed from the plantain! A nice light supper. The fish was really tasty, and only £2.60 for a big fillet.

Well, it's been miserable out, but we've had a lovely day with special people, and I'm feeling nice and contently full... until chocolate time, of course. Have a great evening!
Question of the day: When do you think it's okay to start putting decorations up?
Has to be after 1 December for me!

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