Sunday, 11 November 2012

Let's 'ave a butcher's!

Well, good evening to you, and how has your weekend been? It was a beautiful crisp, sunny day round these parts and we made the most of it with a late afternoon stroll which turned into a bit of an adventure as we walked around a new bit of beach we haven't been to before. I love it when you discover new places right on your doorstep!

Our little walk turned into something of a mini-marathon, which is great as I really want to get back in to the swing of exercise next week, so it was a good start. I have a date with Jillian in the morning, 6am sharp!

Back to the eats, Friday's steaks went down a treat with Mr and Mrs P, with the parmesan and rocket salad worth a special mention. Always a crowd-pleaser. While the boys went off to watch Welsh rock, my cousin and I cosied up at home with a bottle of Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc and a bar of Green and Blacks dark chocolate with ginger. Oyster Bay is a little bit more expensive than your average white wine but so worth it for the smooth finish - none of that harshness hitting the back of your mouth when you take a swig of this. Sadly, I was still below par so only managed a couple of glasses. Very unlike me!

Breakfast was almond flour porridge with banana and a nice dollop of Peanut Butter and Co Smooth Operator peanut butter. I could dedicate a whole post to this brand and it's wonderful variety of flavours. Maybe I will! Their plain peanut butter has no crap in it - only peanuts, and tastes amazing. Mmm...

After waving off our guests, I got ready for the next arrivals! My friend and her daughter arrived and we got straight down to the butcher's (again!) to get pork and leek sausages for dinner. At the grocer's we got broccoli and sweet potatoes. We were ready for a healthy sausage and mash treat.

But, before we got tucked in, we headed down to the seafront and made a pit stop at The Tenth Hole, famed locally for its very decadent cakes. I think it's rude not to take my guests there, quite frankly. Once they'd reached their sugar tolerance levels, we headed home to get cosy, ready for dinner and Take Me Out. After dinner we pulled out a bottle of Bellini Becci had kindly bought along, which was gorgeous but went down way to easily! It was great to catch up with an old friend and reflect on how far we've come since our university days, although we both conceded we still don't feel like adults yet! Will we ever?!


This morning the sun was shining so we headed to the shops for a mooch about before the girls set off for home again. After some housekeeping and budgeting (joy) I got cracking on a leftovers lunch which became sweet potato and spinach soup. I used this recipe, but had no coconut milk so used desiccated coconut and extra water instead. It was gorgeous, really hearty. I prefer it to the soup I made last Sunday. And, best of all? Leftovers for tomorrow.


This evening, dinner is courtesy of the boy and Marks and Spencers' dine in deal. Yep, even domestic goddesses need a night off, and I'm going to enjoy mine... maybe with a glass of wine!

Question of the day: Did you discover any new places this weekend?

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