Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Don't sweat it

The alarm went off at 6 this morning and I underwent the obligatory two minutes of trying to come up with good reasons not to have to get up to do exercise. Then got up. But by the time I got downstairs I realised I really wasn't in the mood for Jillian Michaels. No offence, Jill, but sometimes it can all be a bit too technicolor for a drab Tuesday morning. So, I turned to my free yoga app and did 20 minutes of trying to balance without falling over. Yoga always makes me realise how inflexible I am and I vowed to do it more often. It was a nice way to start the day.
So was this. I tinkered with yesterday's pumpkin porridge recipe, with less pumpkin and some mashing of the banana. I also added some blueberries. There's a distinct baby food feel to this, but that's no bad thing. Comfort is the requirement sometimes, and this delivers.
Cut to the office after a grey and soggy commute. The book I ordered yesterday for my friend's baby turned up despite me opting for the free super saver delivery which meant I was risking it not turning up before the weekend (I live on the edge, people). I celebrated with this teeny but very tasty Cox apple.

Lunch was in the canteen with my friend BC. I had a salmon salad and forgot to take a photo. It was day two of being stuck indoors at lunch because of the rain. No walk, no happy. The last two days have made me realise how much I NEED that fresh air and exercise away from the office.
Two plums and a Beond berry bar were scant consolation for the fact that it was dark ALL DAY here. But, 5pm soon rolled around.

I went home via Halfords (autocentre) to get a bulb for my headlamp. I'm a good driving citizen. £17 later I got home famished, so peeled an emergency carrot to keep me going while I cleaned the kitchen.

Once that was done I got to it with dinner - a simple affair of smoked mackerel, boiled kale, carrots and samphire served with salad - beetrot, tomatoes, pepper, cucumber and celery. I doubled up for lunch tomorrow. Quick and tasty. I <3 a="a" lot.="lot." p="p" samphire.="samphire.">

After the refuel, I got back to cleaning and a bit of filing that I've been putting off for about two months. As I can't get out for a walk this evening due to the damp dreariness, I wanted to make sure I still move about a bit and get some stuff done rather than flop on the sofa in despair.

Thank goodness sunshine is forecast for tomorrow! I'll soon snap out of it, don't worry!

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