Monday, 12 November 2012

Do you laksa my dinner?

I just had one of my favourite ever meals - prawn laksa. Quick, spicy and tasty.

I first discovered this brothy delight in Singapore, an experience which ranks among my most memorable meals ever. And the best thing is, it cost $1!

I was looking for a hawker market recommended by the Lonely Planet but got a bit lost and stumbled across one which was practically empty. Having walked a long way and with a hunger on, I took my chances. The lady behind the counter ladled up a HUGE bowl of noodles, chicken, prawns, egg and vegetables swimming in a hot, spicy, coconut broth. Now, this experience is not something you can recreate at home, but this recipe does a pretty good job. I used green curry paste today as laksa paste can be tricky to get hold of. It did the job. Mmm.

So, what else has been happening? Last night's ready meal was surprisingly nice - we had coq au vin, braised red cabbage and some other veggies. I followed it with a new treat for the week - two squares of Lindt Dark Chocolate with Coconut - while we devoured Homeland. Some wine came with the offer which had a slight fizz that didn't really agree with me, but overall, a nice Sunday treat. And I didn't have to lift a finger!

This morning I kept my date with Jill at 6am, and felt so much better for it. I think a week off made me work harder - yay for weeks off! As you can see, lack of space and equipment is NO excuse not to exercise around here.

There followed a much needed protein hit from the usual almond flour porridge breakfast, today with frozen berries (cheap!) and off to work we went.

Lunch was leftover soup from yesterday and was not followed by a walk due to the drizzle. Boo. I hate not getting my lunchtime walk. I did still have a good catch up with my friend, though. Snacks today were the usual apple and orange plus a Rhubarb and Custard Nakd bar bought for me by my very thoughtful colleague. A fellow foodie!

This evening so far has been made up of cleaning my bathroom and kitchen while waiting for my food shopping delivery, putting some boots on ebay, making dinner and lunch and blogging! Quite productive! I'm going to try and clean for an hour each evening in the week until the whole house is clean rather than spend hours on the weekend doing it. So far so good, but we'll see how it pans out. Frankly, I'm wondering if there's ever a 'good' time to do it!

After I'm finished up here, it's off to read the weekend supplements for a bit, watch Girls (naughty but nice!) and maybe, just maybe, have a bit more of that chocolate. Monday is nearly out of the way, people!

Question of the day: What do you like to do at lunchtime?

I HAVE to get away from my desk, preferably outdoors.

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