Friday, 30 November 2012

Bright lights, big city

And they were bright! I hurried past The Ritz in London lastnight, rushing for my train, and it was stunning! Little lights everywhere... Sadly I couldn't stop to snap it as I was going to make my train by a cat's whisker after enjoying the evening's hospitality too much!


Yes, I was in The Smoke yesterday for a work drinks reception and took the opportunity to work from our office there in the day and met my ex-colleague for lunch.

Knowing I had a long day ahead, I fortified myself with the usual Paleo porridge - ground almonds, banana, desiccated coconut, raspberries, blueberries and... a spoon of Peanut Butter and Co The Bee's Knees peanut butter for fortification. That's PB with honey. It is good. I also stuck some water in  water bottle and redbush tea with almond milk in a flask to keep me going and prevent me from spending money on nasty tea on the train.

A couple of hours later I emerged from the underground into the sunshine and crisp air and headed off in what I hoped was the direction of our offices... A quick check of the map app and I determined I was on track! I got there, settled in and had my apple to celebrate.

For lunch we decided on a little Vietnamese place which P had told me about. Hot, spicy broth? No need to ask twice. There was quite a queue when we rocked up, but I always take this as a very good sign. In Singapore in the Hawker's Market food halls I always looked for the longest line and joined it. What awaited me at the end never disappointed.

I chose beef bun hue (spicy lemongrass noodle soup) which was excellent - light but full of flavour. All of the soups came with rice noodles, which I usually avoid, but I figured when in 'Nam... Plus it was handy to tummy-line a little before the drinks as they were only serving canapes.

Oh, the view from our al fresco lunch spot wasn't too shabby, either...

I grabbed an apple and Nakd bar from the shop on the way back to the office to get me through the afternoon, and soon tucked in.

I got a bit cold as the afternoon wore on and fancied a bit of chocolate, so chanced the drinks machine hot chocolate... it was good! Again, not Paleo-friendly, but warmth has to win.

 We set off for the party around 6pm and ended up searching for a cab for 45 minutes! Good exercise, though! What with that and walking about at lunchtime, I felt better about skipping Jill in the morning due to my early start.

No pictures from the do, sadly. I had four glasses of Prosecco - really nice - and three sticks with chicken on. True to form, the canapes were mainly carb-fests, so I was glad I filled up in the day. The event was really nice and relaxed, but I had to leave at 8.30 to make sure I got home at a decent time. Boo!


Today it was back to normal. I actually spent 4 minutes debating Jillian in my warm bed, but surprised myself by getting up and doing it! I celebrated by breaking the Paleo porridge cycle and having a two-egg omelette with banana and blueberries.

It was another busy Friday, and this is what saw me through:

Plus, a long lunchtime walk (of course, it was sunny all day, but clouded over when I ventured out!). Check out the ice on the lake. Proper cold! Only two leaves left on my favourite tree!

I finally made it home, via the shop where I picked up some treats for the evening. I'm really missing my chocolate fix and am ending up having peanut butter instead for a sweet something. Hardly much better! So, I bought a mini bar of dark chocolate orange to exercise portion control. It is Friday after all.

Usual 'in the door' snack, followed by a re-run of Monday night's fish soup dinner, but this time with kale. The plan had been salmon broth with ginger, but I messed up my menu plans. This was a fine substitute, though.

I am done. Looking forward to watching some True Blood tonight and totally relaxing. Time to open the advent calendar tomorrow. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Question of the day: Favourite 'zone-out' TV?
I can totally lose myself in programmes like Lost and True Blood. I love forgetting about the world for an hour and getting hooked on a show set in another one!

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