Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Spring Clean the Regime?

Okay, so before I went off on my jaunt, I spent the winter somehow managing to work out, cook for the family, see friends and watch the occasional episode of ANTM and Glee. Since I got back I just feel like my old regime was a bit too hectic and stressy, and what would often lead to me having a weekly binge due to residual stress building up. So, I am thinking, new season, new me, new timetable... but how to do it?!
What do I want to try and do?

  1. Cook dinner most week nights for Mum (it is my 'rent' after all) at a time that they like (ie. early!)
  2. Run at least three times a week, four if I do the GSR...
  3. Strength training/yoga/swimming - one of these at least once a week
  4. One or two walks a week with my cousin
  5. Seeing friends at least one week night and on the weekend

So, you see my problem, and I am starting to think that the only solution is to move my workouts to the am. I already get up at 6.10, so this is no mean feat, but I am willing to experiment. I will just have to be disciplined about early nights. At least it is summer so it will be light, and who knows, it may really energise me... We'll see!

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