Monday, 17 May 2010

Plodding On

Did a run today which felt harder than my first one after three months. Why is that? Sometimes it just isn't happening! Still managed a decent time, but just really felt like a slog. Maybe doing it without music didn't help.

Anyway, had a fairly indulgent but still healthy weekend, enjoying seasonal foods such as a gorgeous artichoke and halloumi salad (surprisingly filling, didn't really need the whole plate, but it was soooo tasty!) and sweet potato falafel for dinner Saturday. Unfortunately, I have discovered that smoked fish is NOT my friend. Had a lovely smoked buckling yesterday at lunch which then repeated on me for the rest of the day :( Big lunch meant I just had some porridge and a couple of slices of leftover veggie pizza for dinner. Okay, not totally healthy, but it was what I fancied. Plus I felt justified having cleaned my car inside and out and then having an hour's brisk walk (and good old chat) with my cousin in the afternoon.

ALl in all, a good weekend, which also involved a bit of wine and champagne and a few gin and bitter lemons on Saturday... well, we were celebrating my return to the UK, after all. Managed to pace myself and stay hangover free for Sunday. We like.

Today I just knocked up some spicy baked salmon with chilli, soy and parsley and flaked it over brown rice with some brocolli. I just really wanted something simple. I did add some 'Frank's Hot Sauce' that I sneaked on to the Ocado order, but it wasn't hot enough for me! Lunch was another treat out (love all these 'get togethers'!) and I had a mezze platter of pitta, olives, hummus, tzatziki and salsa :) Other snacks included Patersons Chilli Oat Bites, an apple and some walnuts. Breakfast was a real mish mash - all bran, oats, mixed seeds, walnut, dried apricot with soya milk and tea. Now I reckon I will make myself some cocoa and that will be that for today.

Lots to do at the moment - sorting finances and holidays (yes, already planning escape) and what I am doing for pretty much the rest of the year. This includes possibly doing the Great South Run (sent off my application today) which would mean a lot to me as the supporting charity this year is Alzheimers UK and both of my grandparents have suffered. My run today disheartened me a little, but I know I can do it... any tips or inspiration for me?!

And now? Time to c h i l l ... x

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