Tuesday, 11 May 2010

The Name

I suppose I should start with a little explanation, although for many I doubt the fabulous combination of chilli and chocolate will need any! Over the last few years I have become increasingly obsessed with spicy foods, especially chilli. I realised it was just getting silly in a Vegas noodle restaurant the other night when I was adding chilli to a beef dish already, literally, swimming in it. If it doesn't make my eyes water with a mixture of pleasure and pain, it just doesn't cut it for me.

I discovered the chilli chocolate combination last year in Tunbridge Wells, with a fabulous hot chocolate at Cafe Chocolat in The Pantiles (sorry, no website). My chilli chocolate odyssey then continued on my travels, culminating in two very different forms. The first was the picture attached to my blog - the best chilli hot chocolate EVER, which I found at a lovely little chocolate cafe called Ganache in Melbourne. It was divine - creamy, dense chocolate, and a real hit from the chilli at the back of the throat. Mmmmm. Typically, as with many food delights on my travels, I only discovered the place on my last day there, so had only the one taste. I HAVE to go back! The next adventure was at an old-fashioned Italian ice cream parlour in Newtown, Sydney (I will try and track down the name), where I tried the chilli chocolate ice cream. Wow! Really chocolately and, again, despite the cold, got the heat hit from the chilli (apparently, many people combine it with the peanut butter flavour - another obsession of mine, as you will discover). Australia knows how to do my favourite combination, and I have not found any to match these two since, but I will keep trying in the name of research!

So, I arrived back in the UK yesterday after a three month trip which took in Singapore, Australia, Argentina, Peru, Brazil and the US. Everything is still sinking in, and I go back to work tomorrow! As such, I can't say I have made much effort with my meals since I touched down, and will not be resuming my job as head chef at home for a couple of days (my payment for living at home!), as my Mum is kindly giving me a reprieve while I settle back in. Likewise, on the exercise front I don't think I'll be attempting my first run until the weekend!

Back to reality...

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