Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Lagging Behind

Gah! Jetlag hit at work today, and I had to resort to an emergency cupcake hit mid-afternoon just to perk me up. Luckily my friend was with me so had half to make me feel a bit more virtuous. It was my absolute favourite, a red velvet from
Swallow Bakery. The frosting on these babies is divine, and who can resist that deep, dark red...

In other news, my fabulous breakfast tided me over for hours - soy chai latte, homemade with a dash of honey, which accompanied porridge cooked with banana and a good dollop of peanut butter and co PB (made with 100% peanuts, you can get it in Tesco). I actually had half a banana in the porridge and the other half in the car!
Lunch was a pear followed by butter bean, carrot, celery and tomato salad drizzled with olive oil and white wine vinegar and topped with a sprinkling of dill. After a Soy Chai which my lovely friend treated me to at Starbucks, I then tucked in to the cupcake half. Afternoon snacks were a plum and two oatcakes with PB.
Dinner was cooked by lovely Mum - my chef's whites go back on tomorrow - a spag bol with loads of crunchy veggies such as baby corn and pepper, and I added a side salad of cucumber, tomato and spring onion, with more dill, olive oil and vinegar. Mmm mm. Later I snacked on a couple of almond biscuits from Waitrose, which are so tasty. I love almonds, and these really taste nutty and have little bits in.
Well, totally zombified now! Night!

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